Investing In Your Future

Applicants with any questions about tuition, loans or admissions can contact the law school at 805-770-3030 or 844-500-9200 or by e-mail at If you would like the California School of Law to determine if you are qualified for admissions, please complete our Admissions Evaluation Form.

The California School of Law online law school runs on trimesters, the trimester's are a traditional 4 month law school semester. Law School Tuition is charged by the trimester.

* One Trimester                                        $3,000.00
* One year                                                  $9,000.00
* Juris Doctorate Degree                        $36,000.00

We have affordable Payment Plans to help you with the tuition as well, check out our page on Financial Aid.

The next trimester starts on August 2, 2018 with an application deadline of July 1, 2018. Ready to Apply

The California School of Law has a new trimesters scheduled to begin in April, July and November of 2018.

Additional Costs

The additional costs of attending law school are as follows:

* Books                                     $200.00 - $500.00 (annually)
* Library                                   $200.00 (annually)
* ExamSoft                               $35.00 (annually)
* Final Exam Proctor              $20-$50 (per exam)
* Video Camera                        $25.00 - $50.00
* Headset                                  $25.00 - $100.00
* Registration                           $200.00 (one time)
* Loan Note Set Up                  $100.00 (one time)

Students pay a $500.00 Seat Fee to start the program, it is comprised of the $200.00 registration fee, the $200.00 library fee and the $100.00 loan note set up fee. Students that pay tuition in full have the $100.00 loan note fee credited to their account.

California State Bar Fees

Law Student Registration                           $119.00
First Year Law Students Exam                  $624.00
FYLSE Laptop Fee                                       $153.00
Moral Character Determination               $551.00
CA Bar Exam                                                $677.00

The State Bar advises students to register within 90 days of matriculation in law school.

Refund Policy

Students are obligated to pay only for educational services rendered, including fees associated with those services. Refundable tuition is tuition charges remaining after subtracting the non-refundable fees already retained and will be pro-rated based on the percentage of class sessions held that the student is registered for as follows:

Week 1 = 80% refund of refundable tuition            Week 5 = 40% refund of refundable tuition

Week 2 = 70% refund of refundable tuition           Week 6 = 30% refund of refundable tuition

Week 3 = 60% refund of refundable tuition           Week 7 = 10% refund of refundable tuition

Week 4 = 50% refund of refundable tuition           Week 8 and after = 0% refund of refundable tuition

If the amount the student has paid is more than the amount the student owes for the time enrolled, a refund will be processed.  It is the student’s responsibility to electronically submit the California School of Law Refund Processing Verification form , and it must be received within twenty-one (21) days of the date of contact regarding your refund or your refund is forfeited.

Please note that all California School of Law refunds are processed electronically via PayPal to your email address.  If you do not have a PayPal account, register at  There is no cost to set up this account and there is no cost to process your refund to your bank account.  Upon submission of your Refund Processing Verification form, California School of Law requires three business days for processing.

If we are unable to confirm any part of the information due to contrasting information in your file, you will be contacted.  Upon validation of all information, your refund will be processed within thirty days.

If the amount the student owes is more than the amount the student has paid, then the student must make arrangements to pay the balance owed to the School.

Juris Doctorate Refund Example based on 2 weeks attended before withdrawal

Tuition for trimester (two courses)                                                       $3,000.00
Multiplied by percentage for 2 weeks  x                                               70%
Tuition owed for courses registered in to date of withdrawal  =     $900.00
Termination fee (10%)  +                                                                        $300.00
Total amount owed to law school                                                        $1,200.00
Student tuition paid for trimester -                                                      $1,000.00
Amount due to school =                                                                        $200.00

No refund will be made to a student after 50% of the instruction for the semester is completed. After 50% of the scheduled classes are held, whether the student attended or not, the student will owe the law school the full tuition charged for the semester.