Transfer Applicants

Prospective transfer students from ABA and California accredited law schools may apply to attend our law school.  Transfer applicants must be in good academic standing from his/her pervious law school for the units to transfer, and only grades of C+ or better will be considered.

Students applying as transfer applicants use the same application as new students but must clearly indicate that he/she is a transfer student and the name of the previous law school attended on the application.

Transfer Students Units Not Accepted

California School of Law does not accept transfer units that are two or more years old.

Transfer students not in good academic standing can not transfer units.

The California School of Law will consider the applicant as a new student if the units are 2+ years old or the student is not in good academic standing.

Transfer students must complete 2 years or 50% of his/her law school education at the California School of Law to be admitted and receive a Juris Doctor.

Transfer Process

1. Contact the State Bar of California. A transfer student must first contact the State Bar of California at tel: 213-765-1000 or 415-538-2000 and submit their previous law school transcripts to the State Bar for evaluation. The State Bar evaluation of applicants transcripts is to ascertain number of years of study the student will receive.

Prospective student should inquire to the State Bar of California regarding whether he/she must first take the FYLSE to be eligible to transfer to California School of Law. Students advised by the State Bar that they must take and pass the FYLSE will not be admitted to the California School of Law without first passing the FYLSE. California School of Law cannot advise you as to whether you will be required to take the FYLSE, this can only be ascertained by contacting the State Bar.

2. Provide California School of Law with State Bar Evaluation Documentation. Once you have submitted the evaluation to CSL, we will provide you with a proposed plan of academic study for your remaining law school years at CSL. The California School of Law reserves the right to determine what units will transfer for credit to the California School of Law, regardless of The State Bar of California evaluation.

3. Formally Apply. Prospective transfer student should apply to CSL using the online application at least a month before the application deadline in order to be eligible for admission to the next school term.

Application deadlines:

Winter term  November 1st
Spring term   March 1st
Fall term         July 1st

To apply click on:  Application

If a prospective student has contacted the State Bar but has not yet received a transcript evaluation from the State Bar, the prospective student is required to submit an application before the application deadline.

4. Submit Transcripts to CSL. In addition to the application, transfer student must submit to CSL official transcripts from all the undergraduate colleges attended as well as law school transcripts. All transcripts must be received in a timely manner and a transfer student may be denied admission if their transcripts are not received by specified deadline.

5. Patiently Wait to Hear if Accepted. Prospective transfer student must wait to hear whether they have been accepted by the admissions committee. Student may be conditionally accepted by the committee contingent on receipt of all requested documentation and demonstration student has met minimum legal education requirements for admission to law school. While a prospective transfer student may meet all minimum requirements for admissions to receive transfer credit there must be a Stat Bar Evaluation, Official Transcripts and Proposed Plan of Academic Study.