Basis for Grades
Grades are based primarily on the final and mid-term exams. Instructors may require written papers, additional examinations or other assignments which may be taken into account in the final grade. California School of Law awards letter grades. Plus and minus grades are given at the professors’ discretion.

Grading Standards
The Faculty are instructed to grade on standards comparable to those at ABA accredited law schools.

Grading should be such that students who pass the law School’s courses are likely to be able to pass the First Year Law Students’ Exam (FLYSE) and the California Bar exam.

The Dean of Faculty, the Dean and his appointee will review the professors grading to ensure that it indicates the students ability to pass the FYLSE and the California Bar.

Exam Procedures / ExamSoft
Exams are taken and submitted via ExamSoft, the premier online testing software used by every state bar that allows students to take the bar exam on a computer. This helps students prepare for the FYLSE and the General Bar Exam.

Proctored Final Examinations
All Final Examinations at the California School of Law are proctored, which will require students to sit for all final examinations at a testing center, the testing centers must be approved by the California School of Law. Final Exam Proctor may cost about $20-$50 per exam.
Course Passage Requirement
First year students must pass all courses. If a first year student does not pass a course, he or she will be dismissed from the law school.

Students in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th years can petition the Dean of Faculty for permission to repeat a course.