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Students can find the 2L, 3L, 4L textbooks on numerous websites and in legal bookstores, the cost of textbooks is $200-$500 annually, depending on if new or used textbooks are purchased.

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2L, 3L, 4L Textbooks


1. Winning At Trial, NITA, 2007,
Author: D. Shane Read
ISBN-13: 978-1601560018
ISBN-10: 160156001X

2. William Strange v. James Wrigley: Case File, 3rd Edition
Andrew Rodovich
Paperback: 9781601565464

3. State v. Diamond, 6th Edition
ISBN: 9781601564771
Author: James H. Secking
6th Edition

Community Property

1-Community Property in California, 7th Edition
Author: Grace Ganz Blumberg
ISBN 13 -978-1-4548-6818-7.

2-Examples & Explanations: California Community Property,  5th. Ed.
Author: Charlotte Goldberg.
ISBN-10: 1454868465  ISBN-13: 978-1454868460

Only for Students Taking the FYLSE

FYLSE Review

Nailing the Baby Bar: How to Write Contracts, Torts and Criminal Law Essays,  2005
Author: Tyler, Tim
ISBN: 187956355X


Cases, Comments and Questions, 7th (American Casebook Series) 7th Edition
Author: Harry Krause, Elrod, Oldham
ISBN-13: 978-0314280251
ISBN-10: 0314280251

Family Law, Examples and Explanations
Author: Oliphant and Steegh
SBN-13: 978-1454815525
ISBN-10: 1454815523

Outline: Black Letter Outlines on Family Law, 4th Ed.
Author: Krause and. Meyer
ISBN: 9780314194480