Admissions Standards
The California School of Law is interested in students who want to become successful lawyers and are willing to work hard to receive a Juris Doctor Degree.
Applicants with a Bachelors, Associates Degree or 60 college units meet the law school admission standards and are eligible for admission.
NO LSAT Required!

The California School of Law runs on trimesters, Law School Tuition is $3,000.00 a trimester, $9,000.00 a year and just $36,000.00 for a JD.

Financial Aid
California School of Law provides students with several affordable installment plans.  All plans require some payment while attending law school and all students enrolled in the California School of Law will be approved.

Students can make a $350.00,  $450.00, $550.00, $650.00 payment each month and have a relatively small loan balance when they graduate.

Admissions Evaluation
If you would like the California School of Law to determine if you are qualified for admissions, please complete our Admissions Evaluation Form.