The Top Ten Reasons to attend the California School of Law are below, but there are actually way more than ten good reasons to come to our law school.


The California School of Law is 100% online…but provides a traditional law school experience. You take the same courses, use the same textbooks, are in class (video conferencing) with the professor and students for the same number of hours each week and we use the Socratic Method.


The law school is Priced and Paced for working adults. Tuition is only $3,000 a trimester so just $9,000 a year. Classes meet on Tuesday and Thursday evening for 3 hours were students and professors can interact in live video conferencing.


Being Accepted is easy! if you have a Bachelors, Associates or 60+ college units you will most likely get into the law school.


The California School of Law includes an outstanding Bar Exam Review course to prepare our graduates for the bar exam as part of the program. And our bar results reflect this preparation, in July 2016 80% passed and over the last 10 years 46% have passed.


The faculty at the California School of Law are successful practicing lawyers with years of experience in the fields they teach, not only do they teach theory but practical knowledge as well.


The law school classes, faculty and curriculum develops the student’s analytical skills, teaching them to think like a lawyer. This enables our graduates to resolve complex legal problems as attorneys.


The California School of Law has small classes, usually 20-30 students in a class, but some courses are even smaller. Residential law schools may have 60-70 students in a course. Our low faculty-to-student ratio gives our students individualized instruction and attention from the professors.


The law school has a diverse students body, with students attending from all four corners of the US. Everyone is welcome to contribute to our legal community if ideas.


For two months prior to the FYLSE, the law school provides an “FYLSE Review Course” to assist its students in their preparation for the First Year Law Students Exam. The Baby Bar/FYLSE results have been outstanding, in 2014 95% passed and in 2015 61% passed.


You will not end up buried under a mountain of law school debt. Students at traditional law schools are borrowing over $100,000 for tuition and living expenses. Then there is the lost income over the 3-4 years, because you are not allowed to work. And in some cases you will need to move the family to be closer to the law school. The California School of Law is just $9,000 a year and only $36,000 over the four years.