Finding A Proctor

Below is information that will help you find a exam proctor quickly and easily. Once you have found an exam proctor that is approved by the law school, students typically use that exam proctor for all 4 years of law school.

The California School of Law reserves the right to reject any proposed proctor, so be sure the proctor meet the standards set out below. Submit your proctor choice by email to

Acceptable Proctors

• Official Testing Center at a college, university, community college or Junior college.  Most colleges, universities, community colleges and junior colleges offer exam proctoring testing services to students from other schools.
• Certified librarians at a city or county Library.
• Learning or tutoring centers.
• Educational officers of a military installation.

All proctors must have a verifiable professional email address and monitor the student during the exam. All proctors must be approved by The California School of Law. Exam Proctor's MUST allow students to use a laptop or computer to take exams.

Unacceptable Proctors

• Relatives or spouses, partners, significant others and family members.
• Friends or roommates.
• Co-workers, supervisors or business associates.
• Athletic coaches
• Proctors that do not have a verifiable, professional email address (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc. are unacceptable)
• Proctors that cannot allow the use of a laptop computer or provide a computer to take the exam are unacceptable.
• Proctors that cannot monitor the student during the exam (libraries may have difficulty with this requirement) are unacceptable

This list is not all inclusive, contact the California School of Law to discuss  a potential proctor.

Problems Finding a Proctor?  Call The California School of Law at 805-770-3030 or 844-500-9200.